Bowling Green, Ohio, is a welcoming place.


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines welcome as to greet (someone) in a warm and friendly manner or to receive or accept (something) with happiness or pleasure.

Whether it is neighbors welcoming neighbors, business owners welcoming customers, university faculty welcoming new students, or a community welcoming visitors, Bowling Green is the type of place where all are greeted in a friendly manner and the type of community that is glad that you are here whether it be for a visit, an education, or a lifetime.

The 2010 census lists Bowling Green’s population at 30,029.  The community has come a long way since its incorporation in 1855 with a population of 160 persons.  In the subsequent years, the community has grown and changed, attaining designation as a city after the 1900 census that placed the population at 5,768.  Following selection of the community for a State University (originally the Bowling Green State Normal College when it opened its doors), the population and composition of the City continued to change and evolve.  Today, it is a diverse and dynamic community.  Our rich farming heritage is still valued and supported.  Added to that is a complex and varied industrial sector.  BGSU provides energy, diversity and opportunity to the community and region.  Throw in interesting elements like several parks that support recreation and nature interests, a nationally-ranked arts festival each fall and community events ranging from a weekly farmers market to car shows and holiday events, and the result is a place that fun to visit and live. 

Welcome to Bowling Green.  We are happy you are here.