Utility Phone and Mail Scams

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities has been made aware of possible scam activities in the area.  Customers have reported receiving a postcard advertising one month free electrical service, phone calls from individuals purporting to offer low cost electrical service, and having someone knocking on doors asking to see utility bills so that they could provide a quote for reduced electrical service.  Residents are reminded that utilities in Bowling Green (water, sewer, and electric) are municipal owned and operated – making the utilities a “closed system”, meaning that other utility companies cannot use the infrastructure servicing Bowling Green residents.

Customers should ignore mailers and phone calls advertising other utility services as the services being advertised are not even available.  Likewise, if a door-to-door salesperson is knocking on doors, customers are asked to call the Bowling Green Police Division non-emergency phone number at 419-352-1131.