Upcoming Refuse/Recycling Collection Changes

2018 will bring with it some changes to the way residents are accustomed to receiving refuse and recycling services from the City. The biggest change is that those receiving the service will begin to pay a $13.00 per month fee for the service beginning in 2018.  This fee will be reflected on utility bills – itemized much like the different utility services such as water, sewer, and electric.  Residents will begin to see the fee on their utility bill with the January billing cycle – invoiced in February.  Because of the billing software and the timing of implementation, the fee will be listed on the January utility bills but the charge amount will be zero.  For those that have more than the standard one refuse container and one recycling container, there will be an additional $5.00 fee per container per month added to utility bills.  During the first two months of 2018, there will be a grace period to allow residents to decide if two containers are needed or not, and notify the City of this decision by calling Public Works at 419-354-6227.  The $5.00 per month per container fee will go in to effect beginning March 2018.

Changes to Large Item Collection and Brush Collection are also in the works. The City is working on the details to make these collections more convenient to residents – changing them from set dates during the year, to an on-call service.  Residents will no longer have to wait for these services, but will be able to schedule a pick-up instead!  The details will be finalized during the first part of 2018.

Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s website for more information and details as we progress into 2018. Residents may call the Public Works Department at 419-354-6227 with questions.