Solar Field Begins Operation

The City of Bowling Green is now receiving electricity from the largest solar installation in the State of Ohio. The 165 acre solar field, located at the corner of Newton Road and Carter Road, began construction in July 2016 and is now operational!  The site consists of more than 85,000 panels and is capable of producing 20-megawatts (MW) of alternating current electricity.  In an average year, it is expected to produce an equivalent amount of energy needed to power approximately 3,000 homes.  It will also avoid approximately 25,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year since the energy is generated from a non-fossil fuel resource.

Along with sustainable benefits, the project will also have economic benefits for the City. By having the generation supplied “behind the meter”, the City will see lower capacity and transmission charges, as well as on-peak energy delivered at times when customer demand for electricity is highest.

“We are excited to see this project come online and start delivering power to our customers,” said Bowling Green Utilities Director Brian O’Connell. “Like the wind turbine project, we are looking forward to many years of a local and renewable resource.”

The site was built, and is owned and operated by a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. The power generated will be sold to American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) under a multi-year contract.  AMP will then sell this clean energy to the City and other participating AMP member utilities.  AMP partnered with NextEra to construct and operate up to 80 MW of new solar generation in other member communities.   Additional solar sites are already under construction and more are planned in Ohio, Michigan, and Delaware.