Residents Reminded to Keep Grass Clippings Out of Street

Residents and landscapers are reminded to keep grass clippings out of the street and the City’s storm drains. Blowing grass and other yard debris into the sidewalk, street, or storm drainage system is a violation of the City’s littering and stormwater ordinances.

Grass clippings, leaves, and other lawn debris can clog storm drains, resulting in street and private property flooding. Also, storm drains flow directly to local waterways untreated. Grass clippings add unnecessary nutrients, which help feed harmful algal blooms. In addition to environmental harm, you may be creating a safety hazard. When blown into the street, clippings can create a slippery and dangerous surface for traveling motorcyclists and bicyclists.

Using a mulching mower puts clippings back into the turf and keeps the nutrients where they belong.  Should you choose to use a discharging mower, please be sure to point the blower toward your property (away from the street) to prevent clippings from leaving the lawn. You may also choose to bag your clippings, but they may not be disposed of in your regular refuse containers.  City residents are encouraged to compost clippings on their property or take them to the City’s Yard Waste Drop-off Site, located on Tarragon Drive behind the Public Works Garage.

When finished mowing, please be sure to use a blower, broom, or rake to clean up any grass clippings or debris that have inadvertently made their way into the street, sidewalk, or storm drain.