Refuse/Recycling Program Changes – Large Item and Brush Collection

Large Item and Brush Collection have been expanded for resident convenience as part of the recent changes to City provided refuse and recycling service. Residents no longer have to wait for these special collection services, but can now schedule a pick-up!

Large Item Collection will occur year around. As part of the program, residents may schedule up to two large item collections (up to 5 items per collection) at no additional charge per year (some restrictions apply).  Thereafter the following fees apply: $25 for the first item, $15 per item thereafter.  Residents simply need to call Public Works at 419-354-6227 to schedule a date (typically a Monday or Friday) to have the item(s) curbside no later than 7:00 am.  Because of additional fees and restrictions at the Wood County Landfill, mattresses will still require additional payment (maximum of 3 mattresses) and items with Freon cannot be collected (such as dehumidifiers and refrigerators).

Brush Collection will occur much like Large Item. Collection will occur during the 3rd week of April, May, September and October.  Residents simply need to call Public Works by the 2nd Monday of the respective month to schedule a brush collection.  Current restrictions for brush collection remain – such as the size of tree limbs and no yard waste (grass clippings).

As a recap from discussions during City Council last year, residents receiving refuse and recycling service from the City will now begin to pay a $13.00 per month fee for the service. This fee will be reflected on utility bills – itemized much like the different utility services such as water, sewer, and electric.  For those that have more than the standard one refuse container and one recycling container, there will be an additional $5.00 fee per container per month added to utility bills.  During the first three months of 2018, there will be a grace period to allow residents to decide if multiple containers is needed or not, and notify the City of this decision.  The $5.00 per month per container fee will be reflected in the bill you receive in April.  Those with containers above and beyond the one refuse container and one recycling container must notify the City by March 23 if they no longer wish to have these containers.

Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s website for more information and details. Information about these changes may be found on the Public Works Division webpage or residents may call Public Works at 419-354-6227.