Recycling Plastics – Helpful Tips

A common misconception is that if a package says “recyclable” or contains the “chasing arrows” recycling logo that it is recyclable everywhere.  The number stamped on the bottom of the packaging designates what type of plastic was used to manufacture it.  For example, most plastic beverage bottles are stamped with the number one, representing PET (polyethylene terephthalate).  Because plastic bottles, plastic containers, and other plastic materials are different types of plastic, they do not all melt at the same temperature which means that they can not be recycled together or used for the same type of recycled product.

Most companies seeking plastic supplies only want plastic bottles.  While there are markets for plastic containers and other plastic packaging and materials, they are few and it can be difficult to find businesses in need of this type of material.

The type of plastic accepted can vary from one community to another so it is very important to check and find out what types of plastic are accepted by your recycling program.  The attached flyer is a helpful guide for what is accepted at the Bowling Green Recycling Center, and what is not.