Potential Flooding Conditions

The City has received roughly five inches of rain over the past few days with more rain forecasted during the evening of July 12 and into tomorrow, July 13. Because of this large amount of repeated rain, storm water systems are at or nearing capacity.  Areas that normally do not flood may experience standing water or flood conditions.

During large rain events, roads sometimes act as areas of additional storm water retention to allow traditional retention areas, such as ditches and ponds, to drain and accommodate the additional water. When rain falls rapidly and heavily, as it has in recent days, it takes time for this water to enter the system.  This is made increasingly difficult due to saturated ground and systems already at capacity.

Over the next few days, particularly if additional significant rainfall occurs, residents are reminded to check basement sump pumps and back-ups and be mindful of the potential standing water along roadways. If roads do flood, residents are asked to turn around and not attempt to drive through the water.