Parking Rate Increase

Parking meter fees for all city lots and side street meters are now 50 cents per hour with a minimum fee of 25 cents for one half hour. Time limits for meters have been raised from 2 hours to 3 hours; the time limit for designated 10 hour meters will remain unchanged.  In the near future, kiosks in City Lot 2 will be changed to an updated and more user friendly design. Until these changes are made in City Lot 2, the lot will be enforced for time at a maximum of 3 hours. Permit fees have been raised to a minimum rate of $130.00 for a 13 week permit and $520.00 for a full year permit. 26 and 39 week permits will remain for sale at an increased rate.

Information on the parking rates and fees is available on the City’s website and the Police Division’s website.