News from BG: September 28, 2016

Upcoming Public Meetings:

  • The Transportation and Safety Committee of City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on October 3 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in Council Chamber, 304 N. Church St.  The topic of discussion will be complete streets.  Following this meeting, City Council will hold its regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Taxicab License Board is scheduled to meet October 4 at 8:30 am in Council Chamber.
  • Planning Commission is scheduled to meet October 5 at 7:00 pm in Council Chamber.
  • Human Relations Commission is scheduled to meet October 7 at 8:00 am in Council Chamber.

BGSU Homecoming

The Bowling Green State University 2016 Homecoming parade will occur on Friday, September 30, which will require temporary road closures and other traffic restrictions.

The parade will begin at 5:30 pm on South Grove Street and proceed to the east along Wooster Street, ending at Mercer.  During the parade, rolling street closures will occur.  Once the parade passes particular intersections and streets, they will re-open to traffic.

Visit BGSU’s website or the City’s website for more information about all of the great events this weekend.

Community Action Plan – Community Meeting #2

The next Community Action Plan (CAP) Community Meeting will be held on October 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in Room 228 of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on the campus of BGSU.  FREE parking is available in BGSU Lot 7 (west of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union – access from Thurstin St.) thanks to the Bowling Green State University President’s Office.

The focus of this meeting will be to create a vision for neighborhoods in Bowling Green and selecting (and possibly volunteering for) an early action project that will put the CAP into motion!

Visit the CAP webpage and follow the CAP Facebook page!

Tree Commission Seminar

The next Bowling Green Tree Commission Seminar is October 8 from 9:00 -11:00 am in the classroom at Simpson Garden Park.  The topic of the seminar is “Getting the Soil Right for Trees.” Those attending will learn about soil types and textures, how to promote good drainage, soil pH, compaction, and the importance of organic matter. The class will be split between the classroom and time outside.

This is a FREE seminar open to the public.  Contact Grant Jones, City Arborist, at 419-354-4101 or , for more information.

The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Scams – by the BBB of Northwest Ohio

  1. Hang up on robocalls. Recorded messages from IRS, “The Treasury,” Rachel with a great credit card deal or any robocall is bad news. Don’t believe anything they say. Just hang up!
  2. Don’t “press 2” to take your number off their list. That’s another scam. Pressing any number tells them the line is active and just gets you more calls!
  3. Don’t believe “caller ID.” The crooks can fake any number, including your own! Caller ID may say the caller is local when he is actually in India!
  4. Don’t let them scare you. If they say you are in trouble or they are coming to arrest you, just hang up.
  5. President Reagan had it right: Doveryai, no proveryai. “Trust but Verify.” Any “emergency” phone call from a family member (especially grandchild) who is in trouble in a distant country, needs money and begs you, “Don’t call Mom and Dad” is a scam! Don’t send money without verifying the story.
  6. Crooks use social media too. If the caller claims to be a family member and knows all about his brothers and sisters and recent family events, you will be sure he is your grandson. But young people put all that information on Facebook or other social media, and the crooks use it to fool you. Ask him a trick question that only your grandson would know. Get his phone number to call him back, then call the family and verify. His story may be convincing, but he probably got the family information off Facebook!
  7. Banks don’t call to verify your account numbers. Neither do credit cards. They may verify that you are traveling or charged an unusual item, but they never ask you to give your numbers. They already have them.
  8. Stop before you click on any email! The message may look legitimate and just ask you to click on the link, but it may have a virus or even “ransomware” to lock up your computer! In connection with this…
  9. Have a good backup on your computer. If infected, your computer could lose everything! Have it backed up, preferably “off site.”
  10. Call BBB first before you hire a company! Get their BBB grade. It can save you time, money and frustration because you will hire a good company.