News from BG: September 14, 2016

Upcoming Public Meetings:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals is scheduled to meet tonight, September 14, at 7:00 pm in Council Chamber, 304 N. Church St.
  • Taxicab License Board is scheduled to meet September 15 at 11:00 am in Council Chamber.
  • City Council is scheduled to meet September 19 at 7:00 pm in Council Chamber.
  • Tree Commission is scheduled to meet September 20 at 4:00 pm in the Tree Arboretum located at the Fire Station located at 1060 Pearl St.
  • Bicycle Safety Commission is scheduled to meet September 20 at 6:00 pm in Council Chamber.
  • Bowling Green Housing Agency is scheduled to meet September 21 at 3:00 pm in Council Chamber.

Recycling Concerns

The amount of non-recyclables and trash within the City collected curbside recycling collection is rising to a level of concern, particularly the amount coming from the Wednesday collection route.  Residents are reminded that recyclables are to be placed within the blue container loose, glass cannot be collected curbside for safety concerns at the Bowling Green Recycle Center (BGRC), and that certain plastics are not accepted by the BGRC and cannot be placed in the recycle container.

The refuse and recycling guidelines and regulations may be accessed via the Public Works Division webpage, or residents may call 419-354-6227 for questions or clarification.

City Parking Lot 2

The parking kiosk system in City Parking Lot 2 has been fully installed.  Visitors of Lot 2 are now required to pay for 2-hour or 10-hour parking at one of the 3 kiosks within this parking lot.  Previously enforced parking rules will continue including the prohibition to backing into or pulling through parking spaces.

As a reminder, visitors will be required to enter their license plate number at the kiosk so the vehicle can be associated with the payment.  More information may be accessed on the BGPD webpage.

Wood County Prevention Coalition Community Meeting

The Wood County Prevention Coalition is hosting a community meeting on September 16 at the Wood County Educational Service Center, 1867 N. Research Dr, from 8:30-10:00 am.  The program’s featured speaker is Tom Geist, Regional Director of Tobacco 21.  The Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation strives to reduce the terrible toll of smoking and tobacco use through various prevention efforts.  This particular program will focus on tobacco prevention with adolescents.

Questions about this program may be directed to Milan Karna at 419-354-9010 or .

BGSU STEM in the Park

BGSU STEM in the Park will feature interactive displays and activities created by area universities, community partners, and local businesses to engage children of all ages in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This FREE family event will be held Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Perry Field House located on the campus of BGSU at 801 N. Mercer Rd.

You may pre-register online!  Go to

Brush Pick-Up Begins September 26th

Beginning Monday, September 26, the City will begin conducting a brush pick-up.  Brush should not be placed curbside any sooner than 1 week prior to pick-up.  Brush and limbs should be placed curbside LOOSELY, not bundled. Stumps and limbs in excess of 12″ diameter and 10′ in length will NOT be picked up. Brush mixed with leaves or other yard debris will not be collected.

The City, at its discretion, will not collect entire tree(s) placed in the right-of-way as a result of work by a contractor or if the tree(s) are of such size and multitude, that it surpasses the intent of the Tree Clipping collection Ordinance 94.07.  THIS IS NOT AN UNLIMITED BRUSH COLLECTION.

For cul-de-sacs, please do not place brush in the cul-de-sac green space as it may block fire hydrants and/or it is unmanageable for City equipment to remove.

There will be one citywide sweep of all four wards. Pick up will start in Ward 4.  Once the crew leaves a street, they will not return.  NOTE: Pickup is by WARD and NOT by your normal refuse collection day. Brush Collection is only for locations which receive City refuse collection.

To ensure pick-up of your brush – it should be placed curbside by 7:00 am on September 26, 2016.

Visit the Public Works Department website or call 419-354-6227.

Fire Hydrant Flushing

The City of Bowling Green’s Water Distribution Division will begin the process of flushing fire hydrants throughout the City’s water distribution system.  This work will begin on September 19, and will be on-going for several weeks occurring daily, Monday – Friday, between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.  Work will begin within the 4th Ward.

During the program, water consumers may experience rusty or discolored water.  This condition is temporary with water quality returning to normal as flushing is completed.  Customers are encouraged to check their cold water supply prior to using the water.  If discoloration is discovered, customers should flush their cold water line ONLY for a short period until the discoloration clears.

Although the discolored water is not harmful to drink, it may stain light-colored clothes laundered in it.  For this reason, consumers are advised to monitor the cold water for discoloration.  Residents experiencing problems may pick up laundry rust remover from the municipal water distribution office at 324 North Maple Street from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm weekdays.

For additional information on the fire hydrant flushing and testing program, please visit the City’s website or call the Water/Sewer Division at 419-354-6277.