News from BG: January 30, 2019

Upcoming Public Meetings:

  • Human Relations Commission is scheduled to meet February 1 at 8:00 am in Council Chamber, 304 N. Church St.
  • Bicycle Safety Commission and the Transportation and Safety Committee of City Council is scheduled to hold a joint meeting February 4 at 6:00 pm in Council Chamber. The purpose of the meeting is to continue to discuss bicycle infrastructure and road treatments. City Council is scheduled to meet at 7:00 pm in Council Chamber.
  • Planning Commission is scheduled to meet February 6 at 7:00 pm in Council Chamber.

City of Bowling Green Launches Recycle Coach

For residents looking to stay up to date on refuse/recycling collection changes, reduce their household waste and become better recyclers, look no further than the Recycle Coach platform—now available in Bowling Green.

With Recycle Coach, residents can:

  • Stay organized with custom curbside collection and events calendars
  • Receive collection reminders and real-time updates on service disruptions
  • Become recycling experts with a comprehensive “What Goes Where?” search tool, including local disposal information and collection requirements for common and uncommon items
  • Take the “What Type of Recycler Are You?” quiz for useful recycling tips and tricks
  • Use the problem-reporting tool, equipped with geolocation, to notify municipal customer services about issues like missed collections

The City is excited to partner with Bowling Green State University and join the Recycle Coach network, which will transform how local collection, waste, and recycling information is communicated to residents.

Residents can access Recycle Coach from their desktop computers, mobile devices, or through digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. By leveraging the power of voice technology, the platform makes it easy for people to get local disposal information for thousands of household items when they need it. And the best part: it’s absolutely free.

Ultimately, the service takes the guesswork out of recycling, empowering residents to make smarter disposal decisions and take an active approach to reducing household waste. For Bowling Green, this will translate into higher recycling rates and less contamination in the recycling stream—a win-win for everyone.

Become a better recycler today by downloading the Recycle Coach app for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play.  This information can also be found on the City’s website at

Questions may be directed to the City’s Sustainability Office at 419-354-6222.

Tips for Residents to Stay Safe & Protect Property During Extreme Cold

With temperatures expected to remain near or at record lows for the next few days, City residents are encouraged to read through the following tips to stay safe and protect their property.

Stay Safe: 
Be sure to check your carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries regularly.  If you are using space heaters, be sure to use them on a hard, level surface away from flammables, and make sure that they are plugged directly into an outlet-not a power strip.  Do not use stoves, ovens or grills for heat.  Check your meter and areas around heating equipment and use a broom to remove any remaining snow and ice.
If you can, please stay indoors as frostbite can develop quickly in these extreme temperatures.  If you must venture out, be sure to bundle up and make sure your vehicle has at least a half tank of fuel.  Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and be sure to bring pets indoors.

Protect your Property:

Extreme cold temperatures cause concerns for frozen water pipes.  Taking the time now to insulate or apply heat tape to water pipes can help prevent this issue.  Allowing a faucet to drip and keeping the doors open to cabinets with pipes inside them can also help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.  Be sure to locate and label your water-shutoff valve.  Should your pipes freeze and burst, shutting off the water as quickly as possible will help minimize property damage.
Whether heating your home with electric or gas, your appliances will be working overtime to keep your residence warm when temperatures drop.  To avoid “sticker shock” on next month’s utility bill, limit the use of space heaters when possible.  Also, keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature and resist the urge to crank it up.  Add a layer of clothing or an extra blanket instead.

An energy audit can be a great way to identify areas in your home where insulation and other energy saving features can be applied.  In the short term, you can seal air leaks where you feel cold drafts by hanging blankets over windows and doors, installing DIY plastic insulation kits on your windows, or by placing draft stoppers along the base of your doors.  Despite best efforts, with such extreme cold temperatures, utility bills will likely be higher next month.  If you are having trouble paying your heating bill, please contact the Salvation Army at 419-352-5918.
If someone identifying themselves as a City utility employee approaches your home, residents are welcome to call the Utility Business Office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm) at 419-354-6252 to confirm the person’s identity.  After-hours calls should be directed to the Police Division at 419-352-1131.  Any suspicious behavior can be reported by calling the Police Division’s non-emergency line at 419-352-1131.