Newly Appointed BGPD Officers Sworn-In

On August 8, 2016, Mayor Richard Edwards swore-in three new Police Officers. Amber Moomey, Vincent Snyder, and Ryan Sehlhorst began work preparing for the Ohio Highway Patrol Police Academy, which will begin on August 15.  The Academy is a 17-week course in Columbus where newly appointed officers learn the basic skills of a peace officer such as emergency vehicle operations, firearms proficiency and safety, self-defense tactics, physical conditioning, standardized field sobriety testing, electronic speed measuring devices, and more.   A special emphasis of the course is placed on human relations training and communication.

Following the academy, each will be paired with a Field Training Officer for a 12-week ride-along program. The purpose of this program is twofold:  first, to provide the probationary officer the opportunity to learn and become familiar with the policies and procedures governing the administration and operation of the Bowling Green Police Division, and second, to establish a structured environment for a comprehensive evaluation of the probationary officer’s progress and qualifications for appointment to career status.  The program’s ultimate goal is to develop officers capable of performing tasks in a professional and independent manner.