B.G. Transit Joins National Dump the Pump Day Initiative

The B.G. Transit will join, yet again, with thousands of other public transportation systems, nationwide, to participate in Dump the Pump Day.  This year’s Dump the Pump Day is Thursday, June 20. The initiative encourages the public to refrain from use of their automobiles–using public transportation, instead. An event spearheaded by the American Public Transportation Association, the B.G. Transit has encouraged the use of public transportation through Dump the Pump Day annually for more than ten years now.

Riding the B.G. Transit makes good sense. When gas prices are high and the economy is tight, riding public transportation is a great alternative and an economical way to save money.  Riding the B.G. Transit saves passengers money on fuel along with vehicle wear and tear. It can also possibly reduce commute time as well as road congestion.

The B.G. Transit is fully accessible to persons with disabilities, and open to all for use. In service for over 30 years, hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  For rides originating and ending within Bowling Green’s corporation limits, the general fare (one way) is $4.00. For rides originating and/or ending outside the city limits, the general fare is $4.50. With a transit ID card, half-priced fares are available to persons aged 65 years or older, children (4-13 years of age) and those with disabilities.  For more information about the B.G. Transit (including how to receive the reduced fares noted above), please call (419) 354-6203.

To schedule a ride, please call: 1-800-579-4299. For persons with speech and/or hearing impairments, contact us through the Ohio Relay Network at: 1-877-750-9097 or 1-800-750-0750, respectively. To learn more about the B.G. Transit, check out our website:  https://www.bgohio.org/departments/municipal-administrator/grants-administration/public-transportation/ or contact us at (419) 354-6203.

 The B.G. Transit receives funding from the City of Bowling Green, a Community Development Block Grant allocation and Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)/Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants.