Message from Mayor Aspacher: COVID-19 Update

With the Wood County Health Department announcing another confirmed case of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, in Wood County, many residents are probably wondering where is the person from and what should we be doing.  Both are good questions and certainly understandable.  While specific information about the individual cases cannot be released by the Health Department because of protected health information, we should keep in mind the basics of what we know about this virus – particularly how it is spread.  The Health Department advises that the virus is primarily spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  This is why the health experts are asking everyone to practice good social distancing from one another (stay at least 6 feet away).  It is very important for all of us to recognize that while we have no publicly confirmed cases in Bowling Green, there most likely are cases of the virus in our community – we just don’t have confirmation yet because of limited testing.  What we can do as a community is to continue our good personal hygiene habits by washing hands frequently, if you’re sick, stay home, and practicing good social distancing.

The City will continue to follow the guidance of the Wood County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health.  As information is provided, it will be shared with the community.

Protecting public health and that of city staff is vital.  Both will continue to be the guide when making decisions.  The public is urged to follow the Stay At Home order and the recommendations by our health experts for slowing the spread of this virus.