Mayor Aspacher Releases Statement on the DORA

I am excited about the possibility of the DORA program creating more foot traffic within the downtown businesses and the added benefit of allowing bars and restaurants to continue to serve customers while enabling social distancing.  I appreciate the support of council, the Downtown SID, local businesses, our Police Division, the Public Works Department, and all others involved in working through this process thoughtfully and quickly.

Our businesses have suffered immensely during this pandemic and continue to struggle with the operating constraints that they are under to continue to serve our community as safely as possible.  The DORA increases our options to safely enjoy the downtown, increasing the footprint of several local restaurants/bars and allowing patrons to socially distance outside.

The DORA is not an excuse to ignore the need to wear a mask while out in public.  It is not an excuse to bring large groups of people together in an unsafe way.  We as individuals have the power to make smart choices to help slow the spread of the coronavirus so that businesses and restaurants can remain open.

I encourage you to support our local businesses, safely, as we move through these challenging and uncertain times.  Nobody wants Bowling Green to be the next headline.  I look forward to the future, when this pandemic is controlled, and when we can once again enjoy our community events and the DORA can be integrated seamlessly as we come together in celebration.