Mayor and City Council Joint Statement

In the wake of the March 31 incident at the Waffle House in Bowling Green, which resulted in charges of felonious assault and ethnic intimidation, the City of Bowling Green vehemently condemns this type of behavior. We, as a community, have worked long and hard to foster an atmosphere of tolerance and welcoming.  This type of behavior is not representative of Bowling Green or its residents.

While much work has been done by this community, more work remains. Namely, in helping to educate those visiting Bowling Green that while they are here, as a community we expect they exhibit the same tolerance we espouse.  While the two perpetrators were not residents of Bowling Green, their awful behavior should not and cannot be tolerated.  Further, that we help educate the community on how to identify hate and when to contact law enforcement.

As a city government, we encourage all residents of Bowling Green and those visiting this city to continue to stand together in order to present a united front against hate, violence, intolerance, and biased behavior. We call on our community partners, including but not limited to – Not In Our Town, the Human Relations Commission, and Bowling Green State University – to continue our efforts and remain committed to stamping out hate in all forms.