May is Historic Preservation Month!

We are excited about using this month to focus on Historic Preservation because it is a tangible, thought-provoking, and important way for us to showcase our past for future generations.

What is Historic Preservation?

Historic Preservation is the practice of protecting and conserving sites, buildings, objects, or other artifacts which have historic significance.

Why is Historic Preservation Important?

Historic structures and sites were witness to cultural and aesthetic history providing a sense of place and connection with our history.

When we practice intentional historic preservation, we not only preserve historically important structures, but walkable neighborhoods, incremental development, and a history-rich downtown – character that if lost will forever erase the integrity, history, and embedded culture of our town.

Historic preservation is beneficial to BG in many ways:

  • Economically – increased property values, attractive to visitors looking for heritage tourism opportunities, job magnets for small businesses and start-ups
  • Culturally – tangible presence of past eras and historic styles create a richer community
  • Developmentally – having diverse areas and buildings accommodates all forms of healthy growth
  • Socially – pride in history and mutual concern for protection of our historic fabric
  • Educationally – learning about local heritage and understanding our past provides cultural respect
  • Environmentally – restoration and rehabilitation keep material out of our landfill

Historic preservation is an important investment in our past and our future. Preservation of our history and historic fabric helps our community realize our strengths and allows us to use them to improve the lives of all residents.