Main and Wooster Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Crossing Upgrades

The Electric Division has completed the traffic signal and pedestrian crossing upgrades at Main Street and Wooster Street, which will improve traffic flow within the downtown and improve accessibility of the pedestrian crossings.  The upgrades include a camera detection system for improved traffic movement and battery back-ups for the traffic control cabinets which power and run the traffic signals so that during a power outage the traffic signals will continue to operate normally.  The pedestrian crossing pushbuttons were also upgraded to include a touchless option and ADA improvements.

The new pedestrian crossing pushbuttons include an option for users to simply waive their hand in front of the button to activate the pedestrian countdown timer (rather than pushing the button).  They also include an audible tone that indicates when a pedestrian should “wait” and when it is safe to cross the road.  Pedestrians will now be required to activate the crosswalk before receiving the “Walk” indicator to cross Main Street rather than simply waiting for the traffic signal light to automatically change the “Do Not Cross” indicator to the “Walk” indicator.  If the pedestrian does not activate the crosswalk by pushing the button or waiving their hand in front of the button, they will not get the signal to cross the road.