Homeownership Assistance Program Funds Available Now!

Purchasing an affordable home may be out of reach for some Bowling Green residents at lower income levels. A CDBG-funded program, however, can help with this issue.

The City’s Direct Homeownership Assistance Program makes affordable homeownership possible for households often overcome by housing cost burden.

The program is designed to assist creditworthy persons with lower incomes by reducing their mortgage principal amount, paying reasonable closing costs, and/or required up-front private mortgage insurance premiums. In most cases the mortgage principal reduction will satisfy the lender’s down payment requirement.

Applicants must qualify through a traditional lender. Assistance is provided in the form of a supplemental subordinate loan for part of the purchase price with zero (0%) interest. The Loan is non-amortized, and non-declining, payable upon sale of the property, transfer of title, the property being vacated or the owner(s) no longer occupying the property as their primary residence.

Applicant(s) must complete the application process, and adhere to all program policies to be eligible. For more information contact Matthew Jay Snow at the City of Bowling Green’s Grants Department, (419) 354-6221 or .