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1. What do I need a Zoning Permit for and how long does it take?
2. Do I need a permit for a temporary shed, or a shed on skids?
3. Does my contractor need to be licensed?
4. Do I need a permit for an inflatable swimming pool?
5. I am replacing an existing fence. Do I need a permit?
6. How close to the property line can I put my fence?
7. Is there a copy of previous site plan for my property in your office?
8. How close can my patio / driveway / sidewalk be to my property line?
9. Are there certain things that I am restricted from building on my property in my subdivision?
10. Do I have different rules since I live on a corner lot?
11. I am replacing the sign face at my business location, with no increase in the sign dimensions. Do I need a new permit?
12. How many signs are allowed for a commercial business?
13. How soon after an application has been submitted can I begin work?
14. Who do I make the check out to? Does the Planning Department accept credit cards?
15. Can I park my car in my yard?
16. Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?
17. Is it a law that I have to have the address displayed on my home or business?
18. I received a letter / warning citing the fact that I have an inoperable vehicle. What are the determining factors that make my vehicle inoperable?
19. I received a letter/warning citing the fact that I have tall grass or noxious weeds. Can you help me understand what this means?
20. My dog lives outside and the neighbors have informed me that he barks all of the time, am I violating any laws?
21. I am selling my home - am I allowed to place a sale sign between the curb and the sidewalk?
22. I received a citation from a Code Enforcement Officer. What do I do next?
23. I am replacing an existing structure. Do I need a permit?
24. Where can I park my recreational vehicle?