Downtown Construction Update

The contractor working on the downtown reconstruction project has announced the schedule for the Wooster Street portion of manhole and utility valve adjustments.

On Monday, December 2, the eastbound lane of Wooster Street, from Church to Prospect, will be closed to traffic.  During that time, the manholes and utility valve boxes within the eastbound lane will be adjusted up to grade, the asphalt will be removed around each, and concrete collars will be poured.  The eastbound lanes will remain closed overnight in order to allow the concrete to cure, reopening on December 3.  The same process will then occur within the westbound lanes of Wooster on Tuesday, December 3, at which time the westbound lanes will close.  This process will conclude on December 4 with the reopening of the westbound lane, weather and progress of work dependent.  Parking will be removed within the respective work zones on both days.

Once work on Wooster Street is complete, certain punch list items remain.  This may result in temporary parking restrictions or impacts to traffic.