Downtown Aerial Surveying – 12/19

In conjunction with the upcoming Downtown Utility and Paving Project, an aerial survey of the project area is required. A drone is planned to survey Main Street, from Ordway to Clay, and Wooster Street, from Prospect to Grove, beginning at approximately 11:15 am on December 19.

The survey will be broken down into four parts and will be flown in the following sequence – West Wooster, from Main to Grove; East Wooster, from Main to Prospect; North Main, from Clay to Wooster; South Main, from Ordway to Wooster. While the drone is overhead in the respective areas, intermittent traffic closures will be required and pedestrian traffic will be limited.  Once the drone flies over a particular area, traffic may continue.

The Bowling Green Police Division, Public Works, and the Fire Division will be present to help direct traffic.

Questions about this may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.