Renovations to Plant

The original plant was constructed in 1950 as a 3.0 million gallon per day (MGD) plant. In 1968 the treatment plant capacity was expanded to 6.0 MGD with the construction of additional rapid sand filters and softening clarifiers.

A 170 million gallon above ground reservoir was constructed in 1990 as an alternative to the river source in times of poor raw water quality. The reservoir capacity holds approximately 45 days of high raw water quality for the plant to draw from.

In 2000 an activated carbon filtration plant was constructed to improve the taste and odor of the finished water. This state of the art filtration removes a varity of contaminants and as a result very high quality drinking water.

Most recently a new pumping station with a 12MGD capacity and a 1.0 million gallon finished water storage basin were completed and put on line in 2004.

Construction is in progress for an additional 1.2 MGD added treatment that will bring the plant capacity to 7.20 MGD.