Water Service Line Material

Recent events in other cities have drawn attention to the concern of lead contamination in drinking water.  Inside the customer’s residence, potential sources of lead could be lead pipes, lead solder, or lead in plumbing fixtures.  Another potential source of lead is the water service line pipe that delivers water from the City water main to the customer’s residence.  Over the years, different pipe materials have been used for water service line pipes such as lead, galvanized iron, copper, or plastic.  In Bowling Green, only copper or plastic has been allowed to be used for water service line pipe material since 1967.  CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE DIAGRAM of a water service line to a house.

There is no lead present in the drinking water as it leaves the City’s water treatment plant.  We specifically treat the water to reduce the potential for lead to contaminate the drinking water.  This is achieved by optimizing the corrosion control treatment process and by adding orthophosphate to the water as a corrosion inhibitor.

Ohio EPA has required all water suppliers to provide information to customers on the water service line material used to serve the customer.  We have created a map to inform customers on the water service line material that serves their property.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WATER SERVICE LINE MAP.  This map is not finished as there are still unknown service line material shown on the map.  We are in the process of putting our paper records into an electronic database to use with the map.  The map will be updated over time as the database is completed.

Customers can assist the City with our records regarding water service line materials.  You can identify your water service line pipe material by inspecting the pipe where the water first comes into the building.  Typically, the water meter will also be located very close to this point.    CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE PICTURES that may help you determine the pipe material that serves your property.  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE A FORM if you know your water service line material.  If you are unsure about the pipe material serving your residence, please contact the Water Distribution Division at 419-354-3277 or call your plumber.

The City of Bowling Green is responsible to maintain the water service line from the City water main to the Curb Stop Valve.  Typically, the Curb Stop Valve is located near the curb, sidewalk, or right-of-way line at your property.  Several years ago, the City of Bowling Green replaced all known lead service lines that were the City’s responsibility.  There are some City water service lines where the pipe material is unknown.  We are in the process of updating this information.

The property owner is responsible to maintain the water service line from the Curb Stop Valve to the building.  We are not aware of any Owner water service lines that are lead, but there are some properties with unknown pipe material.  You can assist us by completing the form mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding your water service line, please contact the Water Distribution Division at 419-354-6277 or by email at .