Project Update

The following water/sewer projects are being constructed by internal City crews.  If you have questions on these projects please call the Water Distribution /Wastewater Collection Division at 419-354-6277.

Replacing the gravity combined sewer on the south side of Rosalind Drive between Knollwood and Donbar.  Replacing the gravity combined sewer on the west side of Donbar Drive from Rosalind to approximately 500′ north.  The project will include installation of new manholes, sewer pipe, and sewer laterals to the right-of-way line.  Click here for a Construction Trifold Handout that was distributed to properties directly affected by the project.

7/10/2019 – All yard repair, and hydroseeding have been completed.  Please refer to the handout you received regarding watering your lawn.


Installing 250 feet of 8-inch water main fromThurstin Ave., west.  The project will also include replacement of sewer laterals and catch basins in the area.

7/19/2019 – Water main installation is complete.



Installing 350 feet of combination sewer from Prospect to N. Main st. Construction fliers were passes out on Wednesday July 18th. The street has also been posted with NO PARKING signs, this will be in affect starting Monday July 22nd.

7/19/2019 – Mobilizing equipment to site, and televising sewer laterals.