EcoSmart Choice Program

EcoSmart Choice is a voluntary “Green Pricing” program offered through American Municipal Power (AMP) and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities which allows customers to support renewable energy development. The program is available to all Bowling Green customers.

The program will purchase and retire Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from renewable energy resources, such as hydro, wind, or landfill gas. One REC is equial to one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from a renewable energy resource. For each REC that is purchased, one MWh of non-renewable electric generation is offset.

RECs used in the program are certifiable under the rules of Green-e Energy program operated by the Center for Resource Solutions.

There are two options to participate.

OPTION 1 – Customers can select from the following participation levels with the associated amounts to be added to their monthly electric bill.

100% participation adds $0.00300 per kWh
75% participation adds $0.00225 per kWh
50% participation adds $0.00150 per kWh
25% participation adds $0.00075 per kWh

For example – a residential customer that uses 700 kWh per month and partipated at the 100% level would increase their monthly electric bill by $2.10.

OPTION 2 – Customers can contribute a fixed dollar amount per month.

Customers can enroll in either option at any time by contacting the Utility Business Office at 419-354-6252.

Customers can cancel their participation in the program at any time with no cancellation fee by contacting the Utility Business Office at 419-354-6252.

To sign up,