Snow Guidelines

The City of Bowling Green Public Works Division is responsible for clearing snow and ice from City streets, alleys, municipal parking lots and buildings.

Click here to review the Snow Removal Brochure for detailed information such as:

  • Snow/ice to be removed from Sidewalks
  • Snow Street information
  • Don’t shovel snow into the street
  • City’s Response to snow events


Snow Street Regulations and Listing



On Street Parking:

Even if your street is not listed as a Snow Street, parking your vehicle off the street allows for a more efficient plowing process and crews to remove the snow from the entire street curb to curb. This is especially important when the City is receiving many snow storms in succession.

Plowing snow to the middle of major streets

At times, snow may be plowed to the middle of some of the wider major streets to prevent the buildup of snow along curbs,sidewalks and parking areas especially near downtown. This is especially important if several storms occur in quick succession. The City will haul out this snow as soon as possible.

Cul-de-sac plowing

Due to the scientific principle of Centrifugal Force, snow cannot be plowed to the center of the Cul-de-sac even when the blade is turned to the inside of the cul-de-sac. During heavy snow events, crews may return later after the initial passes to address the cul-de-sac with loader type equipment as needed.


When a snow emergency is declared, notification is sent out many different ways. Residents should monitor the local news and news papers and are encouraged to sign up for:

  1. eNews – email notification is sent through the City’s weekly eNews distribution list. Sign-up is free and easy – simply put your email in the sign-up window on the right side of the homepage.
  2. Text Alerts – SMS text messages are sent out to those who sign up. Simply text “follow bgsnowemergency” to 40404.
  3. Social Media – follow the City’s Facebook page (@cityofbg); follow the City on Twitter (@cityofbg); follow the Snow Emergency Twitter account (@bgsnowemergency). When a snow emergency is declared, notification will be posted to all platforms.

Snow Removal by Citizens and Contractors:


Mailboxes and Snow Removal

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The City is not responsible for damage to mailboxes located in the City right of way which are damaged as a result of snow and/or ice or any other object dispersed from the snow plow blade during street clearing of snow by City crews.

Mailboxes should not overhang any curb nor pavement surfaces used as part of the travel lanes.

If a mailbox is improperly positioned as per United States Postal Service requirements and/or overhanging the curb or edge of pavement and is struck by the City plow, the city is not responsible for damage.

If a properly positioned mailbox, (usually 6-8″ behind the face of curb or edge of pavement) meeting United States Postal Service requirements, is struck by City snow removal equipment due to non-weather related causes, the City will either repair or replace the mailbox. The City shall not pay more than a maximum rate for a replacement. The City reserves the right to make a determination on a case by case basis.

It is the responsibility of the property owners of each mailbox to remove snow/ice to ensure mail delivery.

Please visit the United States Postal Service website for more information on the mailbox installation and maintenance guidelines.