Leaf Collection

For locations served by city refuse collection per city ordinance, LEAVES will be collected during the announced Fall Leaf Program through a special collection.


Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Leaves should be placed loose (not in bags) at the curbside.
  • As part of the City Storm Water Management policy, DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO THE STREET! This blocks street drainage during rain events. Also, there is a risk of parked cars with warm exhaust systems catching on fire when parked over dry leaves. Children also tend to play in leaves making this a dangerous situation.
  • Do not put brush or branches with the leaves as it will not be collected.

Please note: the initial passes of the City will be a “Grab and Go” method of leaf collection to expedite the speed of the crew across the City. It may look messy, but re-rake your leaves, add more to the pile and we will be back for another round. The final pass will be more tidy.


Garden/Yard Waste/Grass/Leaves can be taken to the City Yard Waste drop-off site for those who are eligible to receive City refuse collection. It is open daily from 8am -8pm. The site is located behind the Public Works garage on Tarragon Drive (off of E. Poe Road). This site does NOT accept brush (anything with a bark covering).

The area is under video surveillance and illegal dumping may result in a fine.

MULCH YOUR LEAVES !! The past attitude toward leaves was that they were like litter.  Now many people see them as an asset if returned to the yard and environment.  Please consider using a recycling mower to return shredded leaves back into your yard. Grass clippings and finely chopped leaves add vital nutrients and organic matter to the lawn, thus improving the health of the lawn. Try to manage leaves on the property in this fashion to save time and energy used to collect leaves at the street.

Mulching leaves with a mower – video


Smart Gardening: Leaf Mulching – video


Mulching Leaves with a mower demonstration