Should I bag my recyclables like I do my garbage?

NO!  Recyclables should be kept loose in your curbside bin.  Bagging them is not helpful and may result in your material not being recycled.  You may also be subject to a violation.  Plastic bags can damage the sort line equipment causing expensive repairs and downtime.

I have a blue container but I do not wish to participate in the program. What should I do with the container?

Please call Public Works at 354-6227 or e-mail us at and it will be retrieved from the curb.

What happens if I recycle glass products using the new blue container?

You will be given a written notice of the violation and further violations may result in the container being taken away.

Why can’t I place glass in the blue recycling container?

Due to broken glass, it is a safety and handling issue for the staff working at the Sort Facility located at the Recycling Center. Also the broken glass adversely affects the quality of the other recycled material.   The Bowling Green Recycling Center’s 24 hour drop-off will still accept glass. We suggest using a plastic container to transport your glass to the center.

Do I need to bag my newspapers?

No, just place them in the container loosely. Be sure to keep the lid closed to keep the newspaper dry.

What should I do with wet newspaper?

Place it in the green refuse container.

When I move from this address, what should I do with the container?

Leave it at the present address for the new occupant to use.

Am I allowed to use a different container other than the city issued container for recycling?

No, you must use only a city issued container so that the collection trucks can properly lift the container.

What should I do with old paint?

Paint must be dried up before collection. You can either mix it with kitty litter until solidified or you can brush residual out on a plywood board.

Environmental Recycling, located at 527 E. Woodland Circle, Bowling Green, will accept latex and non-latex, old and new paint for proper disposal. This business charges a fee for disposal, so you may want to call first for rates. The contact number is 800-284-9107.

Why can’t I recycle yogurt, margarine, frozen food trays or similar containers if the recycle number meets the requirement?

Even though it has a recycling number on these containers, there is no demand for this type of material in the after-market. The only Plastic material to be recycled is: Plastic bottles!

What should I do with shredded office paper?

Do not place it in your blue recycling container. It is still accepted at the 24 hour drop-off at the Recycling Center. Paper that is not shredded should be placed in the new blue container.

What should I do with my pizza boxes?

Remove all food items and recycle the box only.

Can I recycle the milk or juice half gallon carton containers?

No, these need to be placed in the green refuse containers. Same for ice cream containers.

What should I do with aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans?

Do not place them in your blue recycling container. They are still accepted at the 24 hour drop-off at the Recycling Center.

What should I do with plastic grocery bags?

Do not place them in your blue recycling container. Please return them to your local grocery store to be recycled.