Why does the City plant trees under the power lines knowing they will need to be trimmed later?

The City plants utility compatible trees under or adjacent to power lines. Utility compatible trees grow no taller than 25 feet tall and require no trimming since high voltage power lines are 40 feet above the ground feet. Utility compatible trees species are as follows: Ivory Silk Lilac, Serviceberry, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Flowering Cherry, Hedge Maple, Tartarian Maple, Redbud, Jack & Jill Pear, and Kousa Dogwood. Click here for more information on utility compatible trees.

What are the green bags on trees?

Treegators are for watering newly planted trees. Each Treegator holds 20 gallons of water and slowly release the water over 6-12 hours. Treegators can be purchased from local BG nurseries for $25

Can the City Arborist look at my trees in yard?

The City Arborist can review trees on private property.  This by appointment only by calling 419-353-4101.

Does the City trim or remove trees?

Yes, the City of Bowling Green does trim and remove City trees in the rights-of-way, City parks, Oak Grove Cemetery, and green spaces owned by the City. The City does not trim or remove trees on private property unless there is an emergency situation.

Why is the City trimming the trees in the subdivision?

The City of Bowling Green Arborist Division is train pruning the smaller trees to remove dead or disease branches, crossing branches, and branches that impact pedestrian or motor vehicle clearance.  We are train pruning now to encourage good form and structure will result in a stronger, healthier, more storm proof mature tree.

Can the City Arborist look at my ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer?

The City Arborist can review your ash tree for Emerald Ash Borer.

Who do I call for a tree limb on the power lines?

The City Arborist will review tree limbs on power lines for non-Emergency Services.  Please contact the Electric Office for Emergency Services/Power Outages: Electric Division or call 419-354-6260.

What is the procedure for planting a tree in the tree lawn area?

You can pick up an Adopt-A-Tree form at the City Administration Building on the Second Floor in the Public Works Office.  Once the form is filled out and sent back to the City.  The Arborist will review the planting site and species selection.  The permit is either approved or not approved based on the planting site and underground infrastructure such as water, gas, sewer and electric lines.

What size of tree can I plant in the tree lawn?

City Ordinance Chapter 99 (Trees & Weeds) states we must have a minimum distance of 4 feet wide tree lawn for small trees (20-25 feet at maturity), a minimum distance of 6 feet wide tree lawn for medium trees (25-40 feet maturity) and a minimum distance 8 feet wide tree lawn for large trees (40-60 feet).