Development Planting

BMPs for Contractors & Builders

New Landscape Guide for Developers, Businesses & Home Owners: Click here for a PDF copy.

The Bowling Green Tree Commission and City Arborist will be creating a new Landscape Guide for Developers and Home Owners.  The goal is to educate Developers and Home Owners on where landscaping materials can be installed in city-owned green spaces, cul-de-sacs, boulevard islands, and business locations that meet city ordinances.  Our plan is to coordinate with all city departments, developers, and residents on input into the guide.

Ideal landscape design for cul-de-sac in new subdivisions.  Note the survey monument in center with five feet perimeter of grass and a five feet perimeter of grass around the cul-de-sac to allow for snow removal overflow.  This allows the City safety services (Fire, Police, Public Works Departments) to access the survey monument and fire hydrant.

Small Tree (Ivory Silk Lilac) planted in rear of bed with low maintenance shrubs such as dwarf butterly bush, dwarf boxwood, dwarf burning bush, dwarf roses, and low growing ornamental grass.

Final Two Photos – New Subdivision soils are compacted by construction equipment during the building process.  Soil compaction severely reduces and or eliminates the pore space in soils.  This causes perched water tables where the water is held below ground and does not drain.  Installation of lawn sprinkler systems and compacted soils leads to the decline and death newly planted trees.  Planting the right tree in the right place, soil aeration, proper tree planting, and watering will allow the long-term survival of the tree.