Bowling Green Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is a five-member volunteer board appointed by Mayor and approved by Bowling Green City Council. The Tree Commission is responsible for the care and maintenance of existing trees and Community Service and Public Education. The Tree Commission works with the City Arborist to plan and manage the urban forest in the City of Bowling Green. The goal of the Tree Commission is expand our tree care and beautification programs for a better environmental future for our citizens.







Click here for Tree City USA and Growth Award Program Information.

Dominic Picciuto, Grant Jones, Brian Craft, Mike Hammer, Adam Schoendorf, and Mitch Bils at the 2018 Tree City USA Awards in Upper Sandusky, OH on April 18, 2018.


The City of Bowling Green has been designated as a Tree City USA Community for 39 consecutive years and has received the Growth Award 25 times – the most in Ohio.

Tree City USA Designation has four major components: Tree Board or Department, A Community Tree Ordinance, A Community Forestry Program with an Annual Budget of at Least $2 Per Capita, and An Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation.  Tree Growth Award Recipient must be Tree City USA Community and earn at least 10 Points with Community Forestry Activities such as Publicity, Continuing Education for Forestry Managers and Tree Board Members, Treecare Workshops, Management Plan, Public Utility Tree Care, Street Tree Pruning Program, and Hazard Tree Program.  Click here for Tree City USA and Growth Award Program Information.

Arbor Day Celebration – May 9, 2019 with Conneaut Elementary School. 

The City of Bowling Green and Bowling Green Tree Commission celebrated Arbor Day with Conneaut Elementary 5th Grade students.  Students created an Arbor Day poster with the theme “My Favorite Tree in Bowling Green.” The top three posters received Downtown Dollars. All students received a gift bag and a Norway spruce sapling. A sugar maple tree was planted were planted on the north side of the building. The Tree Commission thanks the Thayer Family Dealerships for their generous donation of Downtown Dollars.

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

The goal is to plant the tree in a location that allows the tree to reach maturity without impacting power lines, water lines, sewer lines, sidewalks, streets, and parking lots.  Click here for Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place Information.

Tree ID Quiz

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