The Urban Forestry Arboretum was established in 2008 and is located west of the fire station at 1060 Pearl Street. Currently 86 trees are growing on site including 61 different tree species and cultivars. One of the arboretum’s purposes is to display the different types of trees that property owners may plant on their property or have the City plant in the tree lawn. Residents can visit to see what the tree they are planting will look like throughout the seasons and as it matures.

Along Pearl Street under the electric lines is a row of tree species that are smaller in size at maturity. These tree species are appropriate for planting near overhead electric lines.

There is a kiosk located at the SE corner of the arboretum with more information about the trees growing at the arboretum and found around Bowling Green growing in the tree lawn and on City property. Additionally, trees throughout the arboretum are labeled to identify each tree species and cultivar.

Parking is available near the kiosk at the southeast corner of the arboretum.

For more information please contact the City Arborist at 419.353.4101.

The Urban Forestry Arboretum is located at 1060 Pearl Street just west of the Fire Station.


Two parking spots at the southeast corner of the arboretum near the kiosk.
Labels near each tree display the tree’s common and scientific name.









Kiosk located at the southeast corner of the arboretum displaying more information about Bowling Green’s trees and invasive pests to watch for.

Click here to view the Bowling Green Tree List found at the arboretum kiosk.

Click here for a list of trees growing at the arboretum.