Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is made up of the Public Works Division and the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division is located at 304 N. Church, City Administration Building. Public Works Division has maintenance facilities located at 815 E. Poe Rd.

The Public Works Director is Brian T. Craft.

The Divisions are responsible for the following activities:

Public Works Division

  • Daily Refuse & Recycling and the scheduled Large Item, Brush, Leaf, and Christmas Tree Collections.
  • Licenses & Bonds (Concrete Sidewalks, Plumbing, Rubbish)
  • Street, Alley & Parking Lot Repair
  • Street and Parking Lot Striping
  • Street Cleaning – Sweeping and Snow Removal
  • Oak Grove Cemetery Care and Maintenance
  • Dead Animal Removal (for animals hit in the public right-of-way, does not include pets)
  • Grass mowing for all City property
  • Repair and Replacement of Street Signs
  • Work with City Arborist on City tree maintenance.

Engineering Division

The City Engineer is Brad Holman, P.E.

  • Perform engineering, surveying, and design of City water, sewer, pavement, sidewalk and other projects as needed.
  • Maintain and create bid documents, project plans and maps of City Infrastructure.
  • Inspect all work on City projects, private construction projects, and in the City Right-of-Way for compliance with City standards and specifications.