Comprehensive Plan Information

Congratulations to the City of Bowling Green for winning the 2015 APA Ohio Planning Award for under the category Comprehensive Planning – Small Jurisdiction!  Click here for more information.

Future Land Use Update 2014

City Council approved Resolution 3547 supporting the update to the Future Land Use Section of the Comprehensive Plan on October 20, 2014, with minor revisions.  The final document that was adopted will be posted when the updates are completed.  Thank you to the community, steering committee, consultants, staff, and all of those investing time and input in the process!

The City is continuing ongoing efforts to work with public and private partnerships to implement goals and recommendations of the plan. Citizen efforts and ideas are appreciated, as the City looks at implementation.

The City sponsored a public educational workshop titled “We have a plan, now what? ”  On Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Wood County Public Library.  Kirby Date, a community planner, reviewed best land use practices and potential ordinance revisions that will facilitate implementation of the Future Land Use Plan.  Please click here to view the presentation by Ms. Date.  Also, click here to view the brief review and update of the Land Use Plan that was presented prior to introducing Ms. Date.  For additional information about the Ohio Balanced Growth Program, you can view the website.

For history about the Land Use Plan please review the following:

  • The presentation that was presented at the Council Public Hearing can be viewed here.
  • Thank you to the community for your input and interest in updating the Land Use Section of the City of Bowling Green Comprehensive Plan.  The plan can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.
  • Planning Commission held a public hearing to review and hear comments regarding the DRAFT Land Use Plan on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in the Atrium of the Wood County District Public Library.  At that meeting, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the document to City Council, with one amendment (to strike bullet point number one, on page 37, under action item 1, regarding the potential expansion of the downtown zoning district).  The land use presentation, presented by Steering Committee members, can viewed using this link.
  • Thank you for attending the Joint City Council and Planning Commission session at the library on Monday, August 4.  Click HERE for a copy of the presentation.
  • Thank you for attending the Community Open House, for providing feedback, and filling out the survey!  Please click HERE or the link below to view the survey results:
  • Click HERE to read all survey comments and visit this site – for concept boards.
    (Disclaimer:  These are conceptual ideas as of 4/28/14 that are under constant refinement based on feedback AND these are large documents that may take time to download depending on your computer software)
  • Comments can also be relayed to the Planning Department (419-354-6218 or ), Future Land Use Steering CommitteeCity Council and Mayor, and Planning Commission.
  • Steering Committee Meeting Dates (starting at the latest information): 7/30/2014, 7/23/2014, 7/16/2014, 5/28/2014
    5/28/2014 Minutes, 5/14/2014 Agenda, Minute attachment – Kent presentation  (presented by City of Kent officials to BG officials on 5-13-14 trip), 3/26/2014 Consultant Presentation to the Steering Committee:(DRAFT/PRELIMINARY IDEAS)   (NOTE:  This is a large document….your computer may not be able to support the size.  Please contact the Planning office if you would like a copy.)2/26/2014 Agenda and Consultant PowerPoint, 2/26/2014 Minutes, 2/12/2014 Agenda, 2/12/2014 Minutes, 1/29/2014 Agenda and BGSU Campus Master Plan Presentation, 1/29/2014 Minutes, 1/22/2014 Agenda, 1/22/2014  Minutes, 12/10/2013 Agenda, 12/10/2013 Minutes
  • Steering Committee Presentation to Council – The Steering Committee gave a brief presentation to City Council regarding the Land Use Update on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.
  • The City had the first public input open house on Monday, April 28 from 5:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. at The Melt Shoppe, 145 North Main Street.

Data Collection by Consultant:
BG Single-Family Home Sales
BG Single-Family Sales Prices
Substandard 2011
BG Disorderly Conduct
BG Storyline
BG Sub-Areas
Off-Campus Renters
Inspections 2011 and Inspections 2006
Population of Renters
Population of 18-24

The City of Bowling Green adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 1963, with subsequent updates in 1972 and 1987.   Since 1987, the Comprehensive Plan has been comprised of 11 Sections (click on each Section to view):

Book 1 – Goals, Objectives and Land Use
Section 1:   Introduction
Section 2:   Goals and Objectives
Section 3:   Existing Land Use (and Map)
Click Here to View Sections 1 through 3
Section 4: Future Land Use (BG_Improvement Plan)

Book 2 – Major Plan Elements
Section 5:   Socio-Economic Characteristics (1980 Census data)
Section 6:   Housing (2009) (Appendix D)
Section 7:   Economic Development (1987, 1998)
Section 8:   Parks & Recreation (2006-2015)
Section 9:   Transportation (2008)
Section 10:  Downtown (2005)

Book 3
Utilities (2004) – Water, Wastewater, Storm, and Electric
Land Use Plan Update for outside the City limits (2001)