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Community Action Plan
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Snow Removal
Residents and businesses are reminded of the requirement to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice within 24 hours of the abatement of any storm, according to Section 98.06 of the Codified Ordinances.  Owners may be subject to abating the snow and ice by the city at the owner’s cost and a citation.  Complaints can be called in to the Planning Department at (419) 354-6218.  More information can be reviewed on this informational brochure.


For information regarding Planning Commission , Zoning Board of Appeals, or any other Planning Department meetings please contact us at 419-354-6218.  We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or provide information.

What We Do

The City Planning Department is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the City’s planning function including the preparation and updating of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan.  The Department also administers some Ordinances implementing the adopted Plan.

These implementation mechanisms include The Access Management Policies and Guidelines, the Subdivision Regulations, and the Zoning Code.  Additionally, the Department has oversight of the contract with the Wood County Health Department for the Housing Code.

There are two (2) documents that pertain to all residents, both owners and renters, that you should familiarize yourself with.  They are the City Snow Removal Brochure and an informational letter regarding the posting of addresses on your home or apartment as well as places of business.  For helpful information regarding landlord/tenant rights and obligations refer to this link to the Ohio State Bar

Exterior Housing Evaluation

Click on the link to view the City of Bowling Green’s 2011 Exterior Housing Evaluation Survey.  A map of the neighborhood sections is accessible by clicking here.  The Wood County Health Department conducts this survey every 5 years, with the next survey commencing in spring of 2016.  Please call the Planning office at (419) 354-6218 or the Wood County Health Department at (419) 352-8402 for any concerns regarding sanitation or health-related issues for a structure or property (such as litter removal, unsafe structures, peeling paint, etc.).  Click here to review the health department complaint procedure.

Building Inspection

For information regarding Building Inspection: or call 419.354.9190
For information regarding civil citations/fines: or call 419.352.5263

For information regarding underground utility location: or call 1.800.362.2764