Full-Time Employees

Personal Trainers

Parks and Recreation Board Members

City of Bowling Green Parks & Recreation Full-Time Employees

Kristin Otley, CPRP – Parks & Recreation Director
Ivan Kovacevic – Recreation Coordinator
Cheryl Witt – Business Office Supervisor
Eric Fletcher– Sports Specialist
Chris Gajewicz – Natural Resources Coordinator
Cinda Stutzman – Natural Resources Specialist
Mike Przysiecki – Natural Resources Specialist
Mark Sauber – Maintenance Coordinator
Emily Tracy – Maintenance Specialist
Kyler Klann – Maintenance Specialist
Jacob Sachs – Maintenance Specialist
Josh Chatfield – Fitness/Aquatics Manager
Lindy Hoodlebrink – Fitness Specialist
Debbie Knuth – Customer Service Specialist
Matt Steck – Customer Service Specialist
Madison Huffine – Customer Service Specialist

Meet our Certified Personal Trainers!

Josh Chatfield
Lindy Hoodlebrink