Fitness Area




  • Any child 12 years or younger must be supervised by a parent/guardian.
  • In order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, t-shirts and/or shirts with sleeves must be worn on ALL
    fitness equipment. Athletic shorts or pants are recommended.  Soiled clothing will not be allowed.
  • Garments with snaps, buttons or zippers are not allowed on exercise  equipment.
  • Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Water in plastic bottles is permitted in the fitness area.  No glass please.
  • Food is not allowed in the fitness area including powdered drinks and power bars.  There is a vending area in the lobby for food consumption.
  • Bags, books, and personal belongings are not allowed on the fitness area floor.  Storage bins are provided for these items.
  • The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the fitness areas.


  • Parent must complete the Parent Child Pass application form to be turned in and reviewed by the Aquatics/Fitness Manager and Fitness Specialist for approval.
  • If approved Parent and Child must make an appointment with the Aquatics/Fitness Manager and
    complete a Fitness Assessment questionnaire, to be followed by a fitness consultation and training session.  Parent and child must adhere directly to the program written by the Aquatics/Fitness Manager and Fitness Specialist.  Any exercise not prescribed by the aforementioned must be approved.
  • To be eligible for this pass you must be the parent or legal guardian of the child in question.  Friends of the family or paid trainers will under no circumstances be allowed to participate.
  • To ensure the safety and quality of your experience all applications will be reviewed, and all programs will be written, by both the Aquatics/Fitness Manager and Fitness Specialist.
  • The child under no circumstances is to be left unattended on the Fitness Floor.  All exercises must be performed under the direct supervision of the parent.  Programs will be designed to give both the child and parent the same workout so that the program can be performed together.



FREE Orientations
FREE Specialized Workout Programs
FREE Health Assessments

Including Weight Measurements, Body Fat Percentage Tests, Heart Rate Tests, Flexibility & Strength Endurance Tests, and much more!

Are you looking for a change? How about a little variety in your workout? Do you need some extra motivation? How about a workout plan customized to your needs by a certified fitness professional? Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are always available to help YOU!


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To start exercising at your full potential, sign up at the Fitness Desk or call 419-354-6295 and schedule an appointment with a fitness trainer! Download and fill out our questionnaire before your fitness assessment!

Fitness Assesment Questionaire



  • Teens age 16 & 17 complete one equipment orientation before they may use the fitness area.
  • Teens age 13-15 year must complete our 3 session Teen Strength and Fitness Class before they may use the Fitness Center.
  •  An appointment with a fitness specialist can be made for these sessions or feel free to stop by the Center and complete the training at any time.


  • Patrons over the age of 18 do not need a fitness orientation to gain use of the Center.
  • Orientations, fitness assessments and specialized workout programs are free for pass holders.
  • It is recommended that all adults complete an equipment orientation before they use the fitness area.
  • An appointment with a fitness specialist for these services is recommended.


  • A 4300 Square Foot Fitness Center that features a variety of frequently updated  cardio fitness equipment that includes bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and stairmasters.  We also have 4 televisions with close captioning to allow you to watch TV as you work out.
  • The Fitness Center also features a variety of strength and circuit training equipment that includes a 18 piece circuit, power cages, dumbbells, walking weights, True Stretch machine, stability balls, incline/decline benches, and a rope climbing machine.
  • A 1/8 mile long track that includes 3 lanes for running, jogging, and walking; non-banked turns, and is cushioned for comfort.  We also allow strollers on the track during the following hours:   Monday-Sunday 11am-2pm.
  • A 1,523 Square Foot Fitness Studio with a floating hardwood floor and mirrored wall that is designed specifically for group exercise, instructional dance, and other fitness programs.  This space also includes the following equipment:  Stability & BOSU Balls; Hand Weights,; Yoga Mats/Blocks/Belts; Foam Rollers; Pilates Rings; Reebok Steps; TRX Suspension Trainers; Pull-up Bars; Exercise Tubes / Therapy Bands; Balast Balls (stability balls with 5 lbs of sand); Agility Ladder; Medicine Balls (up to 18 lbs) ; Agility Dots  and a Wireless Sound System for Instructors.
  • A Group Cycling Room (Classroom C) that features Schwinn Cycling Bikes.
  • NEW IN 2021!   We have installed the Freedom Climber in the lobby area.  This is a rock climbing wall that rotates with the users climbing motion.  Youth, teens, adults may all use it but youth require supervision by a responsible adult.