Allison Sargent

allison“Age is just a number”,  don’t let it define you! Everyone can benefit from exercise. Physical activity lifts your mood, improves strength, increases energy level, reduces stress & reduces risk for for heart disease. Also, stretching improves flexibility which can decrease risk of injury.

Fitness Quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”  Fred Devito

Experience/History: I graduated from BGSU in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I became an RN June 26th, 2002 and have been working at Promedica Toledo Hospital since 2001. I got my Zumba license December, 2013 and AFFA certification (group exercise instructor) February, 2014. Then, I began working as an independent contractor, teaching Zumba at Bowling Green Training and Community Center.

Training Style: Zumba is fun, fitness and a party on the dance floor! I try to keep patrons motivated by adding 1-2 new dances every 5 weeks. Anybody can do Zumba, no dance experience needed. I demonstrate both high & low intensity moves. Zumba helps gain cardio endurance, coordination, self-esteem & confidence. Also, I stress Zumba not only burns calories but it helps reduce stress. Patrons leave class happy & energized!

Personal Interests: I enjoy running & became inspired by my sister who has done 2 ironman races. My goal is to run one 1/2 marathon a year. Also, I enjoy spending time time with my family. I’m married & have 2 children.

Weaknesses: Drinking coffee & reading a book early morning decreases my motivation to workout. Also, chocolate is a great weakness!