FY 2018 Community Development Block Grant Photo Gallery

Elderly Home Repair Program

Eight elderly homeowners at lower income levels received needed housing repairs in FY 2018.

Mobile Home Repair Program

In FY 2018, Bowling Green completed nine mobile home repairs for persons at lower income levels.

Home Repair

The City completed one home repair for a lower income household in FY 2018. 

Rental Rehabilitation

In FY 2018, the City conducted two rental rehabilitation projects in conjunction with Wood Lane Residential Properties, Inc.

Business RLF

In FY 2018, the City issued four business assistance and job creation loans through the Business Revolving Loan Fund.  All benefited persons at lower income levels.

Local businesses reported (in FY 2018) three jobs created and three jobs retained (all for persons at lower income levels) as a result of Business RLF loans.

B.G. Transit

The City of Bowling Green leveraged CDBG funds in FY 2018 to provide 99 elderly and disabled adults reduced fare access to the B.G. Transit.