Civil Offense Payout Instructions

If you receive a Civil Infraction ticket, do one of the following within 240 hours (ten days) of receiving the notice:

1.   Pay the fine. (Fine schedule on back)  Mail a check or money order made payable to the City of Bowling Green for the appropriate amount listed in the fine schedule with your copy of the ticket to:

City of Bowling Green Police Division
175 West Wooster Street
Bowling Green OH 43402


2.  Pay in person at the City of Bowling Green, Police Division, 175 W. Wooster Street.
3.  If you choose not to pay the fine, mail or deliver the notice in person to the City of Bowling
Green Police Division and request a hearing within 240 hours of receiving the notice:
*Admit that you committed the offense and offer an explanation.
*Admit that you committed the offense, and if the offense provides for a reduction of the
penalty for proof of remedy, provide proof that the situation has been remedied. (Reduction is
75% for corrected matters)
*Deny that you committed the offense and request a hearing by marking the appropriate
box on the back of the ticket.

NOTE:  Hearings may be held in person or written materials may be submitted to:

City of Bowling Green Police Division
175 West Wooster Street
Bowling Green OH 43402

Individuals submitting in writing will be notified in writing of the Hearing Examiner’s decision.

Classification of Civil Offenses


72.36    Jaywalking
75.10    Riding on sidewalk area
90.03    Barking dogs
90.02    Failure to confine animals
90.04    Defecation of dogs on public/private property
90.14    Wild or dangerous animals prohibited
94.21    Litter in public places
96.03    Open container
98.17    Off-Street parking
99.20    Noxious weeds
115.01   Advertising on private property
115.02   Advertising on public property
115.03   Defacing or destroying notifications


70.40    Inoperable vehicles
93.05    Fires in City of Bowling Green
93.52    Open burning
94.22    Placement of litter in receptacles
94.24    Merchants’ duty to keep sidewalks free of litter
94.25    Truckloads causing litter
94.26    Litter on occupied private property
94.27    Owner to maintain premises free of litter
94.28    Litter on vacant lots
98.01    Cleaning and repairing sidewalks
98.02    Snow and ice removal
98.04    Protection of pavement prior to unloading
98.05    Dropping or tracking substances
98.06    Encumbering street or sidewalk
98.08    Merchandising displays
98.12    Scattering rubbish, posters & papers on     walks
98.13    Vehicles blocking walks or roadways
98.15     Awnings above sidewalks
119.02   Going out of business sale license
132.04   Disorderly conduct
132.13   Noise control
132.16   Loud sound
132.18   Nuisance party
139.05   Littering in public ways
139.06   Transportation of junk on public     ways
139.10   Indoor Clean Air Act


99.08    Trimming trees on public property
99.09    Trimming trees on private property
99.13    Planting trees on public property
100.01   Dense smoke prohibited
100.04   Water-supply emergencies
113.02   Peddler license required
114.02   Taxicab owner’s license required
139.04   Abandoned refrigerators
139.07   Maintaining a nuisance
152.20   Nuisance conditions prohibited


Violation of any section of the Zoning Code
Violation of any section of the Building Code except 152.20
154    Health regulations

Civil Fines Schedule

A $50 $100 $150
B $75 $150 $300
C $150 $300 $500
D $500 $1,000 $1,250

-Unless a written answer is filed or the civil fine is paid within 10 days from date of notice, fines will double.

-Payment of fines is to be made to the City of Bowling Green Police Division.