City Council

Bowling Green City Council is the legislative branch of the City’s government.  The Council meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Council Chamber located in the City Administrative Services Building at 304 North Church Street.  Public hearings are often scheduled in advance of the regular Council meeting.

The City Council has seven members.  Three members are elected on a City-wide basis (At-large) for four-year terms.  The other four members represent each of the City’s four wards and serve two-year terms.

The Council has seven designated committees: Finance and Way & Means; Transportation and Safety; Public Utilities; Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development; Public Lands and Buildings; and Community Improvement.  These committees do not have a regular meeting schedule but schedule meetings as necessary.  Current committee assignments are as follows:

Finance and Ways & Means Committee
Chair – Jeffers
Members – Aspacher and Robinette

Transportation & Safety Committee
Chair – Zanfardino
Members – Hollenbaugh and Robinette

Public Utilities Committee
Chair – Aspacher
Members – Jeffers and Herald

Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
Chair – Robinette
Members – Jeffers and Rowland

Parks & Recreation Committee
Chair – Rowland
Members – Aspacher and Hollenbaugh

Public Lands & Buildings Committee
Chair – Herald
Members – Rowland and Zanfardino

Community Improvement Committee
Chair – Hollenbaugh
Members – Herald and Zanfardino