Construction Update – What’s Next?

A number of construction projects have been underway in 2017. Residents are likely wondering when the current projects will be complete and what can be expected during the remainder of 2017 and into 2018.  The following is a brief update of these projects:

Current Projects:

  • Conneaut/Fairview Paving: the paving project along Conneaut Avenue and Fairview Avenue is largely complete. The contractor will be striping and conducting final right-of-way restoration including minor dirt work and seeding. A portion of Conneaut, from Wintergarden to just west of Lafayette, will have a final surface course of asphalt applied in 2018 following the installation of a sanitary sewer line and pump station located at 1353 Conneaut Ave.
  • Manville/Troup Waterline: the waterline located along the section of Manville Avenue, from 3rd Street to Napoleon Rd, has been scheduled for replacement and that work is currently underway. Once this work is complete, the contractor will move to the 100 and 200 blocks of Manville Avenue and Troup Street to replace the waterline located in that area. Both project areas include a waterline replacement and service line connections. Once service line connections are made, a boil advisory will be issued and affected residences will be notified. This project is scheduled for completion in November, 2017.
  • East Court Street: a storm drain has been installed and combination sewer line has been relocated in the 100 block of East Court Street. As part of this project, overhead power lines will be buried and the associated utility pole will be removed. This project is anticipated to last through September.


Remaining 2017 Projects:

  • Conneaut Avenue Pump Station: a sanitary sewer pump station and force main project is scheduled to begin this fall. This work requires excavation on the south side of Conneaut Avenue, just west of Lafayette Blvd to City-owned property at 1353 Conneaut Ave. Following the sanitary sewer pump station and force main installation, the affected portion of Conneaut Avenue will be repaired so that the surface remains drivable. A final surface course of asphalt will be applied in the spring of 2018. The new sanitary sewer pump station and line is required to increase capacity and replace the current aging system.
  • Wolfly Ave. Sewer: a combination sewer will be installed along Wolfly Avenue, between Main Street and Grove Street. Construction is anticipated to begin in September or October with a November completion date.
  • The following roads are scheduled to be repaved:
    • North Grove – from West Wooster to West Merry
    • West Evers – from North Grove to Fairview
    • South Church – from West Wooster to Pearl

Certain portions of this project will also include curb replacement and sidewalk replacement. The project is scheduled to begin in early September, with an expected early November completion.  Temporary road closures and detours can be expected.


All of the listed project schedules are dependent on weather and progress of work. The dates listed may change.

Questions about this work may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.