Construction Update – Downtown Utility Project

The utility project within the downtown has progressed up Main Street to East Oak with the installation of the replacement water line. The contractor will now move onto the installation of water and sewer lines on Wooster Street and various side streets.  This includes West Wooster, from Church to Main; East Wooster, from Main to Prospect; East Court, from Main to Prospect; East and West Washington; Pearl Street; Lehman; and Ordway.

It is anticipated that during the week of April 15, the contractor will begin installing the water and sewer line on West Wooster, from Main to Church St. As a result, westbound traffic within this area will be prohibited and on-street parking will be removed.  Eastbound traffic will be maintained.  Following the West Wooster installation, the contractor will shift to East Wooster.  The East Wooster work will include the area from Main to Prospect.  A similar traffic impact will occur with eastbound traffic being maintained and the westbound lane of traffic being closed.

The utility portion of this project is anticipated to last through the spring of 2019. Once complete, a contractor will repave the downtown.

Questions about this may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.