Construction Update – Downtown Projects

The planned work on Wooster Street is scheduled to begin Monday, September 9.  Due to the relative narrow width of Wooster Street, it will be necessary for the safety of the traveling public as well as the contractor to close Wooster from Church to Main and Main to Prospect – the intersection of Main and Wooster will remain open during this initial phase.  The contractor plans to begin the Wooster Street portion of the project by milling off both lanes of traffic allowing for underground utilities to be marked by OUPS.  Following that two day period, the contractor will begin repairing the concrete road base by removing the damaged sections and then pouring a new base in those affected areas.  Once the entire road base has been repaired within the area bounded by Prospect and Church Street, an intermediate course of asphalt will be placed and temporary striping will occur.  It is anticipated that the road base repairs and intermediate paving will take at least two weeks.

After the entire project area has the intermediate course of asphalt applied, the contractor will then finish the concrete repairs along the sidewalks and ADA ramps.  Once complete, the final surface course of asphalt will be applied.  Weather dependent and progress of work, paving is anticipated to last through October.

The East Court Street water line project between Main and Prospect is wrapping up.  Crews are working on sidewalk and curb repairs this week.  Next week milling and paving of Court St from Main to Prospect is expected.  This will complete the project.  During this process, access to City Lot 1 will be maintained as much as possible from either Main Street or Prospect Street.

The timeline above is dependent upon progress of work and weather.  Continued patience with the ongoing construction is appreciated.  Questions about this work may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.