Construction Update – Downtown Projects

Concrete base repairs on the east side of Main Street is the focus this week.  The contractor is breaking up the old concrete and will soon transition to removing those sections and preparing the site for new concrete to be installed.  It is anticipated that by the end of next week, the intermediate course of asphalt will be placed.  Once complete, the contractor will begin making repairs to the sidewalks and isolated curb ramps on both sides of Main Street.  Following the Black Swamp Arts Festival, work will move on to Wooster Street.

When the rehabilitation of Wooster Street begins, work will proceed in a similar pattern with concrete base repairs followed by an intermediate course of asphalt being placed.  During this work, it is anticipated that Wooster Street will be closed in both directions due to the narrower road width.  This will allow concrete trucks to safely maneuver through the work zone.

After the entire project area has the intermediate course of asphalt applied, the contractor will then finish the concrete repairs along the sidewalks and ADA ramps.  Once complete, the final surface course of asphalt will be applied.  Weather dependent and progress of work, paving is anticipated to last through October.

The installation of the water main is complete on East Court Street from Main Street to Prospect Street.  Crews will be installing catch basins this week and plan to move to water services and fire lines beginning August 19.  This work is anticipated to last into September.  During this process, access to City Lot 1 will be maintained as much as possible from either Main Street or Prospect Street.

The timeline above is dependent upon progress of work and weather.  Continued patience with the ongoing construction is appreciated.  Questions about this work may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.