Construction Update – Downtown Project

The utility portion of the downtown project is continuing with the installation of water service lines along with a gravity sanitary sewer line.  As released previously, as the contractor works north on Main Street and on Wooster Street, this work will require block-by-block street closures.  This portion of the project is anticipated to last through June.

The next phase of the project is the paving portion, which will include isolated sidewalk restoration affected by the utility work, repairing of the brick bands along the sidewalk, ADA ramps, and bricks installed in the intersection of Main and Wooster.  The contractor conducting this phase of the project has indicated that work may commence in the coming weeks – weather dependent and dependent on the progress on other projects.

In general terms, the paving will most likely begin with the milling of the current pavement on one side of Main Street (i.e. the southbound lanes of traffic), from one end of the project area to the other or within a portion thereof.  Once the milling of those lanes is complete, the contractor will call in OUPS to mark the various utilities – which will take at least 2 days – and identify the locations of necessary base repairs.  Once the utilities have been marked, the contractor will conduct base repairs that will include excavation of the area, pinning the two affected sections with rebar, and installing concrete within the now fixed road base.  An intermediate course of asphalt will be applied and the contractor will repeat this process throughout the entire project area.  The contractor will then begin the various concrete repairs along the sidewalks and ADA ramps.  Once complete, the final surface course of asphalt will be applied.

The brick work within the intersection of Main and Wooster will be the last portion of this project.  This will require an extended closure of the intersection which is anticipated to last at least two weeks.

Questions about this may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.