Construction Update – Downtown Project

The installation of underground utilities on North Main Street is continuing with water service lines and fire lines.  It is anticipated that the contractor will be finished with the Main Street portion of this work by mid next week.  Beginning tomorrow, June 27, a crew will be on West Wooster from Main to Church preparing for water services. Two-way traffic during this work will likely continue, however, parking will be removed and intermittent closures may occur.  Work will transition on to East Wooster Street from Prospect to Main next week with the installation of water service lines and fire lines.  East Wooster will be closed to traffic during this work.  As released previously, the utility work is anticipated to last into July.

The paving contractor is scheduled to begin the next phase of the downtown project next week.  This will begin by shifting both directions of traffic along Main Street into the northbound lanes – one direction of travel in each lane.  Traffic cones and signs will be installed to transition traffic into the temporary traffic pattern.  Once the traffic is shifted, the southbound lanes will be milled.  The contractor will call in OUPS to mark the various underground utilities – which will take at least 2 days.  Once the utilities have been marked, the contractor will conduct base repairs that will include excavation of the area, pinning the edges with rebar, and installing concrete within the now fixed road base.  When the base repairs in the southbound lanes are complete, an intermediate course of asphalt will be applied and the contractor will repeat this process on the northbound lanes of Main Street.  The remainder of the paving will occur within the downtown in a similar sequence including Wooster St. from Church St. to Prospect St.  The contractor will then begin the various concrete repairs along the sidewalks and ADA ramps.  Once complete, the final surface course of asphalt will be applied.

Questions about this work may be directed to the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.