Columbia Gas Update July 28 to August 4

Columbia Gas of Ohio has provided the City with the following tentative work schedule for July 28 to August 4.

Saturday, July 28, crews will begin saw-cutting North Main Street from west to east in the vicinity of 129 North Main. Once on the east side of North Main, crews will then begin saw-cutting north to south from this area along the eastern portion of North Main towards mid-block of the 100 block of South Main, which may include saw-cutting across Wooster St.

Beginning Monday, July 30, crews will begin excavating and installing the natural gas main line in the area that was saw-cut in the 100 block of North Main. Once the main line is installed up to Wooster St, the crews will begin installing on South Main.

Service line installation will continue in City Parking Lot 1 next week as will restoration efforts on North Main, from Oak to Court St.

On Saturday, August 4, the crew is tentatively scheduled to install the natural gas main line across Wooster Street at Main St.

Questions about the Columbia Gas project should be directed to Raquel Colon, External Affairs Specialist for Columbia Gas. Ms. Colon may be reached at or 419-539-6206.